About Us

Any time you can move a case or an investigation forward, even with a small step, it's a big win for everyone.

Thomson Reuters offers a suite of innovative public records tools that are continually strengthened by our expertise in the public records space. We provide superior data capabilities, deep subject matter, and the highest level of thought leadership in order to help legal and investigative teams dig deep and do their best work.

A Long History of Innovation

Thomson Reuters has a well-established history of innovation in the legal industry, and we've taken that same commitment to innovation and applied it to our public records tools. We offer practical solutions that provide expert content and technology, and highly effective usability. Starting with our public records collection on Westlaw® in 1976, our public records content and tools have continued to grow in depth and breadth as we have carefully built out our own collections, as well as enhanced our relationships with third-party data vendors.

In 2008, we dramatically expanded our public records presence with the launch of Westlaw PeopleMap and the acquisition of ChoicePoint Government Services LLC (which included CLEAR®). Our commitment to evolving public records technology continues with ongoing enhancements to our products that are heavily based on conversations with our customers. Our goal is to understand the needs of the professionals that utilize our public records and provide a better way to do what you do best.

Supporting Public Safety and a More Efficient Legal System

Today, law firms, corporations, and government and law enforcement agencies at federal, state, and local levels use our public records tools to do their jobs more effectively, by using innovative research and investigation capabilities that help smaller groups and large organizations alike. With top-level technology, our tools support investigations into insurance, healthcare, and government fraud; help improve corporate security; and aid in financial due diligence and collections. Simply put, our public records tools help facilitate public safety, stronger economic stability, and a more efficient legal system.

CLEAR, our cutting-edge investigative platform, was created with significant input from government and law enforcement customers. CLEAR is the next-generation version of the investigative tool, AutoTrackXP, which has over a decade of history in the public records market. CLEAR launched to the law enforcement market in 2008 as ChoicePoint CLEAR (Consolidated Lead Evaluation and Reporting) and is now branded as Thomson Reuters CLEAR. We acquired CLEAR in 2008 with the goal of building up an already strong product, and we continue to improve and expand its capabilities with your feedback and our technology.

CLEAR Success Stories

By making public records more transparent, we can share success stories that truly make a difference. Using CLEAR, an investigator conducted an asset search that helped restore a retired widow's savings. CLEAR capabilities also helped a business owner research the whereabouts of a business associate and negotiate a settlement to recover defaulted loan money. And features of CLEAR were key in helping find a child who was missing for eight years, and finally closing the case.

Thomson Reuters public records tools make it easier for you to find information, and keep your legal research and investigations moving forward. Our tools help make your practice, community, or organization a safer, more efficient, and stronger place to be.