CLEAR for Skip Tracing

CLEAR brings the facts into focus and delivers the relevant information you need, right away.

  • Streamlined interface searches millions of records concurrently to avoid multiple searches and provide consolidated, accurate results
  • One-stop source that includes new phone numbers and cell phone listing to help you find people faster
  • Intuitive search that automatically identifies probably aliases to save you time
Fast, efficient way to locate individuals: »
  • Contact view with immediate results indicating best phone/address for search subject
  • Death indicators to verify if a debtor has passed away and clickable search results provide further data when needed
  • Quick list of know associates, relatives, and neighbors along with clickable search options
  • Start your search with any information, such as name or SSN – even with partial information
Quality, relevance, speed, and clarity: »
  • Most relevant, current records at the top of your results list
  • Live gateway data from your first search
  • Reverse cell phone and VoIP data
  • Deduplication of records and consolidated search results
  • MyWorkspace for link-charts, mapping, and other analysis
CLEAR training and support. No additional charge. »
  • Personalized over-the-phone training and search assistance
  • Online training instruction via WebEx (register at
  • Live customer service at 1-877-242-1229

If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact us.

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