CLEAR for Insurance Investigations

CLEAR for Insurance Investigations was built to address the investigative needs of insurance companies – and designed for you. CLEAR for Insurance Investigations:

  • Brings all important information on a person or business into an easy-to-use dashboard interface to quickly see potential risks associated with your subject of interest
  • Allows you to see associations between individuals and businesses in one view
  • Accesses unique data from one platform, including global businesses, news, healthcare sanctions, and AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports

Your ability to perform insurance investigations is dependent on data, so the quality, relevance, speed, and clarity of your search results are critical. CLEAR for Insurance Investigations has features that address all of these needs.

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User-friendly Interface and Design »
  • Unique Dashboard Interface – see people and business information in one view
  • Modular Thumbnail Design – customize relevant data specific to your work
  • Vital Statistics – quickly see an immediate overview of a person or business
  • Alerts – set up an alert to be notified if key information changes on your target
Unique Customization of Interface »
  • Quick Analysis Flags
  • Web Analytics
  • Graphical Display
  • Negative News
  • Associate Analytics
  • Address Map
  • Map Analytics
  • Company Family Tree

CLEAR Batch and Integrated Solutions increase efficiency while reducing risk, identifying fraud, eliminating waste, and managing investigations.

CLEAR Batch Capabilities for Large Volumes of Data »

Need to locate a large number of people at once? CLEAR offers Person and Phone Batch capabilities so you can easily search thousands of records at one time.

  • Locate current addresses and phone numbers for finding persons of interest, witnesses, or due diligence
  • Obtain data such as deceased indicators and drivers license records for eligibility, warrants, or to enhance internal data records
  • Set up Batch Alerts to receive updated information on high volumes of people or companies to save time – PRINT A PRODUCT FLYER

How CLEAR Batch Can Help You

  • Saves time from running scores of individual searches
  • Delivers data in an easy-to-filter, ready-to-use format
  • Simple format makes file submission fast and easy
  • Integrates with CLEAR billing
CLEAR System-to-System »

Search both your internal systems and the CLEAR public records platform from one user interface – yours. Use CLEAR System-to-System to perform search queries – and receive results – within your own internal user interface so you can work more efficiently in a familiar environment.

Benefits of CLEAR System-to-System

  • Direct access from your systems to public and proprietary data in CLEAR
  • Uninterrupted workflow with seamless integration of CLEAR data delivered into your systems
  • Opportunity to perform organization-specific data analysis, such as scoring and ranking
  • Real-time data retrieval
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)-compliant data retrieval
  • Seamless authentication, with no need to enter an ID or password credentials