CLEAR for Corporate Security

For corporate security, CLEAR makes investigating fraud easier by providing:

  • A thorough source of public and proprietary records, with real-time data to bring you the most current information
  • Graphical connections between people, addresses and phone numbers to help verify identity
  • Integrated Web searching, including social network sites, providing information not found in public records
  • Customized reports to create and save for later use or share with necessary parties

You can start your search with any information you have available, such as a name or SSN – even with partial information.

Find Real-time, Comprehensive Data »

CLEAR offers you a vast collection of public and proprietary records. Live gateways take you to real-time information:

Phone data – comprehensive cell phone, VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol), landline, and pager coverage of all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, various territories, and Canada

  • Reverse lookup
  • Caller ID names
  • Carrier contact information for subpoena purposes
  • Ported flags, for a previous cell phone company

Consumer and credit bureau data – multiple independent sources

Motor vehicle registration data – live access to 44 states

My Workspace Offers Instantaneous Analysis »
  • Save your search results (automatically for seven days, longer if you choose)
  • Visualize data connections with link charts and Google™ Maps
  • Drag data directly to i2 Analyst's Notebook for additional visualization
  • Customize your report with the content you want, in the order you want to present it
  • Print or email your complete report or sections of it to share information with coworkers, supervisors, and other agencies

CLEAR premium searches offer Web Analytics to uncover hidden facts online.

Web Analytics Uncovers Hidden Facts Online »

CLEAR's premium Web searches go deep – much deeper than standard search engines – to quickly find, categorize and organize text and images from numerous sources, including:

  • Social networks
  • Blogs and chat rooms
  • Business and corporate data including business network sites
  • Hundreds of U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and newswires

Web Analytics applies to person, business, and phone searches, and gives you the ability to search by screen names and email addresses.

CLEAR Batch and Integrated Solutions increase efficiency while reducing risk, identifying fraud, eliminating waste, and managing investigations.

CLEAR Batch Capabilities for Large Volumes of Data »

Need to locate a large number of people at once? CLEAR offers Person and Phone Batch capabilities so you can easily search thousands of records at one time.

  • Locate current addresses and phone numbers for finding persons of interest, witnesses, or due diligence
  • Obtain data such as deceased indicators and drivers license records for eligibility, warrants, or to enhance internal data records
  • Set up Batch Alerts to receive updated information on high volumes of people or companies to save time – PRINT A PRODUCT FLYER

How CLEAR Batch Can Help You

  • Saves time from running scores of individual searches
  • Delivers data in an easy-to-filter, ready-to-use format
  • Simple format makes file submission fast and easy
  • Integrates with CLEAR billing
CLEAR System-to-System »

Search both your internal systems and the CLEAR public records platform from one user interface – yours. Use CLEAR System-to-System to perform search queries – and receive results – within your own internal user interface so you can work more efficiently in a familiar environment.

Benefits of CLEAR System-to-System

  • Direct access from your systems to public and proprietary data in CLEAR
  • Uninterrupted workflow with seamless integration of CLEAR data delivered into your systems
  • Opportunity to perform organization-specific data analysis, such as scoring and ranking
  • Real-time data retrieval
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)-compliant data retrieval
  • Seamless authentication, with no need to enter an ID or password credentials

Access CLEAR on the go from any mobile device such as your smartphone, tablet or iPad. This access is included with all CLEAR contracts. For more information on mobile usage, please click here.