CLEAR Testimonials

Our CLEAR products help professionals find information about people and businesses for all kinds of purposes. Here a just a few examples of success stories from customers around the country.

Police and Sheriffs Departments

I have had multiple cases where CLEAR has provided an identity and location of a suspect where they otherwise would not have been either identified or located.

"CLEAR helped us find a new address on a 20 year-old warrant and the subject was arrested."

"CLEAR is the best tool I have ever purchased and has saved us about 200 man hours in the past year. It's worth its weight in gold."

"I was always about two weeks behind the suspect in a case. I finally was able to have my department gain access to CLEAR and ran a search on the subject. She moved into a new apartment that week and we ended up finding her there. That address NEVER showed up in the other database I was using."

Detectives and Investigators

I was investigating (an individual) who was wanted on grand larceny and false pretenses charges. I was unable to locate his whereabouts in other search databases. The CLEAR search resulted in his location and capture. That you for your assistance.

"I have been using CLEAR for a little over a year now. I use it so often, in so many different ways. I would be lost without it."

"We have had success in identifying key information that would not have otherwise been discovered without CLEAR."

"I think the phone batch through CLEAR is a must. It provides much more information than (other services I have used)."


Using CLEAR we're able to check out the background on many of our potential clients – uncovering liens, bankruptcies, law suits, and criminal backgrounds – so our brokers are able to steer clear of problem accounts before they are even opened.


Through my investigation with CLEAR, I was able to locate a subject who had been hiding for over three years from my client. We found through the phone search that he had been registering cell phones in someone else's name. We were able to reverse the name, get a good address, and have him served.


I use CLEAR every day as a skip tracing tool. It has proved to be my most valuable asset.

"My production would not be the same without CLEAR. Thanks for such a great tool."

"When time is limited, CLEAR always seems to have that missing piece of information I need to find them."