CLEAR Testimonials

Our CLEAR products have helped professionals find information about people and businesses for all kinds of purposes. These are just a few examples of success stories from a range of customers around the country.

Police and Sheriffs Departments

"Being able to access CLEAR on my cell phone makes me safer and more informed."

"CLEAR is the best tool I have ever purchased and has saved us about 200 man hours in the past year. Everyone at the department loves this tool. It's worth its weight in gold."

"CLEAR ended up finding an apt address for a wanted person my unit was looking for."

"Searching for a suspect who was not legally wanted but that we needed to speak with. This service helped locate a close relative with whom the suspect was staying."

"I have had multiple cases where CLEAR has provided an identity/location of a suspect where they otherwise would not have been located/identified."

"Our Department served a 20 year old warrant after using CLEAR and finding where this subject was at. Found new address on 20-year-old warrant and subject was arrested. Also, able to clear up old warrants by finding out subject was deceased."

"I was always about 2 weeks behind the suspect in a case. Suspect kept moving to new apartments, and I felt like I couldn't catch up. I finally was able to have my department gain access to CLEAR and ran a search on my subject. She moved into a new apartment that week and we ended up finding her there. That address NEVER showed up in the other database I was using."

Detectives and Investigators

"I was investigating [an individual] who was wanted on grand larceny and false pretenses charges. Throughout my investigation, I was unable to locate [this individual's] whereabouts in other search databases. However, the CLEAR database search resulted in locating and capture of [this individual]. He's currently in the process of being extradited. Thank you for your assistance."

"I work as an investigator [for a state agency]. I have been using CLEAR for a little over a year now. I use it so often and in so many different ways. I would be lost without it."

"We have had success in identifying key information that would not have otherwise been discovered without that [Web] search capability."

"I think that phone batch through CLEAR is a must, it provides much more information than [other services I have used]."


"I've used CLEAR many times to find background information on potential clients. Most of the time, it takes a lot of calls, referrals, and networking for brokers to build their client base – so when a potential client calls in to open an account out of the blue – it can be great for the broker (new account without any usual legwork to get it) but can often times be a headache once the account is open for operations and compliance (unusual deposits, cash transactions without investing, requests for wires or penny stock transactions, etc.). Using CLEAR, we're able to check out the background on many of these potential clients – uncovering liens, bankruptcies, lawsuits, and criminal backgrounds – so our brokers are able to steer clear of problem accounts before they are even opened."


"Through my investigation on CLEAR, I was able to locate a subject who had been hiding for over 3 years from my client. We found through using the phone search that he had been registering cell phones for his use in someone else's name. At that point, we were able to reverse the name, get a good address for the subject and have him served. 'Account resolved, job well done' was the compliment I received from the company I was working for, along with a big fat bonus."


"This information is critical in helping us to maintain security at all of our many distribution centers around the country. We frequently have to deal with employee issues and being forewarned is being forearmed. CLEAR brings together many types of disparate sources and provides us with a better picture of our employees."